How Virtual Reality Meditation Helps In Control Anxiety

If you had told me a year past that my favorite restful activity would involve strapping a pc to my head to immerse myself in a very virtual world, I ne’er would’ve believed you. virtual reality (VR) could also be associate up-and-coming technology, however, I happen to be the alternative of a techie. In my family, I’m disreputable for my argument that CDs and VHS tapes ought to create a comeback. My husband has been known to abscond with my ancient phone simply to install much-needed updates. till a few year past, VR in any type was barely on my radar. So, it’s something of a miracle that I ever got started with VR meditation, in addition to that I’ve come to embrace it as a useful tool for treating my anxiety disorder.

It all began after I received an Oculus Go VR headset as a present, with the advice I try the virtual reality meditation app. starting out, I had low expectations. Wouldn’t the confining visual view build me feel claustrophobic? Wouldn’t I purchase dizzy and nauseous? If something, it gave the look of VR would possibly increase my anxiety, not decrease it. Still, I made a decision I’d offer the device a whirl for as long as I may stand it — that I figured would be regarding 30 seconds.

Getting Started With Virtual Reality Meditation

I shouldn’t be shocked, of course, that virtual reality meditation would facilitate temper my anxiety. the advantages of meditation square measure well established for several mental health conditions, especially generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). ResearchTrusted supply shows that mindfulness meditation reduces anxiety symptoms, improves stress reactivity, and boosts brick mechanisms in folks with GAD. One study found that after one session of heedfulness meditation, participants experienced “significantly” less anxiety for days afterward. for somebody like me who lives in a very permanent state of mental hyperarousal, meditation could be a no-cost, no-risk intervention that would have a major positive impact.

Why VR meditation rather than ‘regular’ meditation

The problem with anxiety, of course, is that it makes my mind additional jumpy and extra able to yank right out of the Zen bliss of meditation and into a hurricane of worries and to-dos. For this reason, unassisted silent meditation is, I believe, particularly troublesome for people with anxiety. virtual reality helps me overcome this by participating in my senses. With a vista of beautiful scenery before my eyes and music in my ears, I’m far better ready to center myself within the moment than after I try to clear my head of my own volition.

virtual reality meditation offers me one thing to target besides the anxious or intrusive thoughts that perpetually vie for headspace. And “gently transfer my attention back to the current,” as meditation scripts wish to say, isn’t nearly therefore difficult after I can’t see the clutter in my bedroom or hear my children difference within the next room.

In addition to immersing myself in very sensory expertise, simply having an oversized physical device on my face could be a deterrent to distraction. The act of putt it on sets the expectation in my body and mind that currently, it’s time to be calm. Plus, the actual fact that it’s a complete device keeps Pine Tree State a lot of accountable, therefore I really stick with a meditation session for its entire length. I’m so much less seemingly to ascertain the time or my Facebook notifications whereas using the oculus than once I’m to meditate using YouTube or an app on my phone.

It may appear lame, however, I even like virtual reality meditation over meditation in nature. after I try to quiet my mind in real natural settings, I notice my anxiety still gets within the way. I could sit on a mossy log in a very serene forest and I’d worry that a bug would crawl up and sting me. On a tranquil sandy beach, I’m paranoid that a seagull can fly over and poop on my head. So, the maximum amount as I’d like to peacefully ponder the wonder of a rhetorical meadow or rippling stream — since spending time in nature has been shown to assist with stress reduction — in my current state of mental health, it’s simply unlikely. I’ve come back to just accept that I get a lot of out of experiencing the sense of natural settings from the comfortable, private, bug-and-seagull-free zone of my own bed.

Last word

One day I’d like to be ready to turn down the noise in my very own head while not assistance. it would be wonderful to realize “om” in silence on a mountaintop. But for currently, I see virtual reality as a tool that helps me bridge the gap between that ideal and my reality. Some people would possibly call it “cheating” at meditation. I simply call it relief.

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