Opticron Oregon 4 LE WP 10×42 Binocular

Opticron Oregon 4 LE WP 10×42 Binocular

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Important considerations when choosing a binoculars

A ton of different binoculars are on the market. So, to help you decide which binoculars is right for you, let’s look at what features make a good binoculars.

So which binoculars are right for you?

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What is the advantage of this binoculars?

One of the main ways to classify a binocular is by using a combination of its magnification and its size. For example, for an 8×42 model the number 8 denotes the magnification and means an object appears to be 1 8th of its actual distance away. In other words, an object 40 feet away appears to be only 5 feet from you and another 200 metres in the distance appears just 25 metres away.

For general wildlife or sports watching, an 8x binocular makes the perfect choice. This level of magnification makes the binocular easier keep steady for extended periods of time but still takes you closer to your subject. But for those that want to get even closer, a 10x magnification model would be the best choice.

The second number, 42 in this case, is the diameter in millimeters of the objective lens the lens at the end of the binoculars furthest from your eyes . This is the lens through which light enters the binocular. As a result, a larger objective lens will generally allow the image viewed through the binoculars to appear to be brighter. This means that the binocular will be effective in lower light conditions such as at the start and end of the day or when there is heavy cloud cover.

However, a larger objective lens also means the binocular will be heavier so you need to decide which feature is more important-a larger objective lens to help extend your viewing days or a smaller, more compact and lightweight binocular.

For astronomy, you might want to consider either the 8×50 or 10×50 models-the larger 50mm objective lens collects even more light.

The field of view of a binocular is dependent on the overall optical design and is not simply a product of the magnification and objective lens diameter.

Field of view is expressed in one of three ways

1. The width of panoramic view in metres from a distance of 1000 metres

2. The width of panoramic view in feet from a distance of 1000 yards

3. In degrees where 1 is approximately 17.45m

A wide field of view as offered by these binoculars can be helpful for different types of viewing and should be considered when deciding exactly what type of binocular is most suitable for you.

When watching sporting events such as track and field or football you may want to see more than one athlete or player at a time to get a sense of how the race or a passage of play is progressing. At the opera house, theatre or ballet, seeing the whole stage brought closer can really enhance the experience of the evening s entertainment. A smaller binocular such as the Discovery WP PC 8×32 offers an excellent 7.5 field of view and yet is lightweight and compact enough to be unobtrusive when used in a packed sports stadium or theatre.

For those needing a binocular for outdoor activities, field of view can also be important. Tracking birds that are moving quickly amongst the branches of a tree or in and out of bushes can be easier. The Discovery WP PC 8×42 provides a wide field of view and is perfect for this.

For those interested in star-gazing, the ability to see whole constellations can be important.

Opticron binoculars allow you to compensate for any differences in visual acuity between your eyes using the dioptre adjuster.

To set the binoculars, close your right eye and look through the left eyepiece with your left eye and using the centre focus wheel focus on an object until it is clear and sharp. Next, close your left eye and look through the right eyepiece with your right eye. If the object being viewed is not 100 clear, rotate the ring on the right side optical tube just below the eyepiece until the object being viewed comes into focus. The binoculars are now set and a perfectly clear and sharp image should be attainable using both eyes.

All Opticron binoulars offer infinity focus down to as little as 1.5m 6ft or less depending on the model for accurate observation of a wide range of subjects both terrestrial and astronomical. To focus simply turn the wide wheel until the object being viewed come into sharp focus.

The ability to focus on objects at close quarters means that a whole new world of observation can be opened up to those interested in smaller wildlife such as butterflies, moths and dragonflies or the colourful array of bees and hoverflies that visit your garden flowers.

Most Opticron binoculars provide the full field of view with or without glasses thanks to their long eyerelief eyecup design. To use the binoculars with glasses on, turn or twist the retractable eyecup assemblies to the down position. Remember to twist them back to the up position if you or anybody else wants to view without glasses.

A good warranty provides peace of mind in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong with your binoculars. The Opticron Limited Lifetime Warranty provides that peace of mind – full details are available on the Opticron website.

All Opticron binoculars are supplied with a soft case, lanyard and cleaning cloth–accessories that are not always included as standard with some binoculars.

It is recommended that your binoculars are stored in the case when not in use. Fit the supplied dust caps and objective lens caps too when storing the binoculars to help keep the lenses as clean as possible.

If they do become dusty or dirty, first gently remove any large particles. Usually you can do this by blowing the particles away from the lenses or body but if your binoculars are all fully waterproof, they can be rinsed with water to help with cleaning. Avoid using anything sharp or abrasive when cleaning any part of the binoculars. Leave them to dry before using the cleaning cloth to lift off any remaining dirt or dust and to gently polish the lenses. If the cloth itself becomes dirty, just pop it in the washing machine

And remember, the Discovery WP PC and Savanna R PC binocular ranges are suitable for use by children as well as adults as the distance between the centre of the eyecups can be adjusted from as little as 52mm depending on the model.
The Opticron Oregon 4 LE WP nitrogen waterproof series offer the first-time or occasional user with a high standard of optical performance and functionality in a highly desirable well constructed body. With surprisingly neutral images for their price, the binoculars are perfect for general wildlife observation. Features include BAK 4 glass, fully multi-coated optical system Long eye relief and twist type retractable eyecups Sophisticated twin relief rubber armored finish Wide wheel focusing with close focus to under 6ft 8×32 , under 10ft 8 10×42 and 10×50 Wide-angle 8×32 with 8.1 Degree field of view Limited Lifetime Warranty

What are the special features of this Opticron binoculars?

Roof prism design with sophisticated twin relief rubber covering Nitrogen gas filled waterproof construction BAK 4 fully multi-coated optical system all air glass surfaces Long eye relief eyepieces for spectacle wearers with twist-type retractable eyecups Close focus to 2.9m

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Fits the need. I needed bright, small wont hesitate to bring bins. My other bins are swarowski and Leica 10x42 and 2.5pounds. Wonder full to use, and when they are borrowed I receive complements BUT, they are a handful if the need is rather minor. I am a birder. These are not super super small because bright and super small don t wont exist. These are a compromise for being small enough for jacket pocket, light enough to not be too noticable, yet bright enough to see subjects in dim light. my other bins will see in the night assuming there is a moon . These THESE have the added bonus of minimum distance viewing of 5 feet. Many most bins, even the expensive ones have a minimum distance of 10 or more feet. When wishing to look at the details of a poison dart frog, a hummingbird, a flower, some kind of invert ... I don t want to have to back-up to look at it. Vignetting is not real apparent. These bins are Cheap enough I don t mind loaning them out either. I ve had them a week. If they go south on me because I gently dropped them, I ll report back. But they feel solid, well made, so I am recommending them. For sure a 4star, maybe a 5.
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