Conjunctivitis is an inflammation or swelling of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the thin translucent layer of tissue that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and covers the white part of the eye.

Categorized as”pinkeye,” conjunctivitis is a frequent eye disease, especially in children. It could affect one or both eyes. Some forms of conjunctivitis are highly contagious and can easily spread in schools and in-home. While conjunctivitis is typically a small eye infection, sometimes it may turn into a more serious problem.

A viral or bacterial infection can lead to conjunctivitis. It might also develop due to an allergic reaction to atmosphere irritants such as pollen and smoke, and chlorine in swimming pools, ingredients in cosmetics, or other products that contact with the eyes, such as contact lenses. Sexually transmitted diseases including chlamydia and gonorrhea are common causes of conjunctivitis.

People Who Have conjunctivitis may experience the following symptoms:

  1. A gritty sensation in one or both eyes
  2. tingling or tingling sensation in one or both eyes
  3. Excessive ripping
  4. Discharge from one or both eyes
  5. Swollen eyelids
  6. Pink discoloration into the whites of 1 or both eyes
  7. Increased sensitivity to light

There are three main types of conjunctivitis: contagious, infectious and compound. The cause of conjunctivitis varies dependent on the type.

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Allergic conjunctivitis occurs more commonly among people who already have allergies. They develop it when they enter in contact with a substance that causes an allergic attack in their own eyes.

Giant papillary conjunctivitis can be actually a sort of contagious conjunctivitis caused by the chronic presence of a foreign body in the eye. People who utilize hard or rigid contacts, wear soft contacts that aren’t substituted frequently, possess an exposed suture on the surface of the eye or possess a prosthetic eye are more inclined to build up this form of conjunctivitis.
Infectious Conjunctivitis

Bacterial conjunctivitis is an infection most usually caused by staphylococcal or streptococcal bacteria from your own skin or respiratory system. Insects, physical contact with different people, inadequate hygiene (touching the eye with unclean hands), or using contaminated eye cosmetics and facial lotions may also cause the infection. Sharing cosmetics and wearing lenses that are not your own or are improperly cleaned may also cause bacterial conjunctivitis.

Viral conjunctivitis is most commonly caused by infectious viruses associated with the frequent cold. It can develop through exposure to the sneezing or coughing of someone with an upper respiratory tract infection. Viral conjunctivitis may also occur because the herpes virus spreads over your human body’s own mucous membranes, which connect the lungs, throat, nose, tear ducts and conjunctiva. Since the tears drain into the nasal passageway, forceful nose blowing off may cause a virus to maneuver out of the respiratory system into an eye. This is actually a serious illness that could cause permanent eye damage in case it is not treated immediately. For several decades, U.S. delivery rooms have traditionally employed antibiotic soaps to babies’ eyes as a standard prophylactic treatment.
Chemical Conjunctivitis

Chemical Conjunctivitis may be caused by irritants like air pollution, chlorine in swimming pools, and exposure to noxious chemicals.

Conjunctivitis can be diagnosed using a comprehensive eye exam. Testing, with special emphasis on the conjunctiva and surrounding tissues, can comprise:

Patient history to ascertain the symptoms when the symptoms began, and if any general wellness or environmental conditions are contributing to the problem.
Visual acuity dimensions to determine whether vision has been influenced.
Assessment of the conjunctiva and outside eye tissue using bright light and magnification.
Evaluation of the inner structures of the eye to make certain no other tissues are affected by the status.
Supplemental testing, which may consist of taking cultures or smears of both conjunctival tissue. This is especially crucial in most cases of chronic conjunctivitis or whenever the condition is not responding to treatment.
Using the information obtained from these evaluations, your optometrist can ascertain if you have conjunctivitis and counsel you on treatment choices.

How is conjunctivitis treated?

Treating conjunctivitis has three Chief targets:

Boost patient comfort.

  1. Reduce or Reduce the length of this infection or swelling.
  2. Stop the spread of the infection in contagious forms of conjunctivitis.
  3. The Right Treatment for conjunctivitis Depends upon its cause:

Allergic conjunctivitis. The very first measure is always to remove or avoid the irritant, if possible. Cool compresses and artificial tears sometimes relieve discomfort in mild cases. In more severe instances, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications and antihistamines may be prescribed. People with persistent allergic conjunctivitis can also require topical steroid eye drops. This type of conjunctivitis can be treated with antibiotic eye drops or ointments. Bacterial conjunctivitis can improve after three to four days of treatment, but patients need to take the whole class of antibiotics to avoid recurrence. No drops or ointments can treat viral conjunctivitis. Antibiotics won’t cure a viral infection. Like a common cold, the virus has to run its own course, which may use up to two or 3 months. Symptoms may often be alleviated with hot flashes and artificial tear solutions. For the worst cases, topical steroid drops may be prescribed to reduce the discomfort from swelling. However, these drops won’t shorten the infection. Careful flushing of the eyes with saline is also just a standard treatment for chemical conjunctivitis. People with compound conjunctivitis also may need to use topical steroids. Severe chemical harms, especially alkali burns, are medical crises and may result in scarring, damage to the attention and also perhaps the sight, as well as the loss of the attention. If chemical spills on your eye, flush the eye for several moments with a lot of water before visiting your health care provider.
Contact Lens Wearers

lens wearers may need to temporarily stop wearing their lenses while the problem is busy. Your doctor can tell you whether this is necessary.

In case you developed conjunctivitis due to wearing contact lenses, your eye doctor might recommend that you switch into another kind of contact lens or disinfection alternative. Your optometrist could want to change your contact lens prescription into your lens that you replace frequently. This could help prevent conjunctivitis from recurring.


Maintaining good hygiene is the most effective solution to restrain the spread of conjunctivitis.

  1. Don’t touch your eyes with the hands.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.
  3. Change your towel and washcloth daily, and don’t share them with others.
  4. Discard eye cosmetics, specially mascara.
  5. Don’t use anyone else’s attention cosmetics or personal eye-care items.
  6. Practice your eye doctor’s guidelines on proper lens maintenance.

It is possible to neutralize the discomfort of viral or bacterial conjunctivitis by applying hot compresses to an affected eye or eyes. To make a compress, then soak a clean cloth in warm water and wring it out before employing it gently to your eyelids.

Instead of hot baits, use cool compresses to soothe your eyes. Over-the-counter eye drops may also help. Antihistamine eye drops may alleviate the symptoms, and eye drops can rinse the allergen off the top layer of the attention.

Should you think you’ve got conjunctivitis Watch your doctor of optometry.


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